Patient Check-In – Effective November 1st!

Please note that not all providers have transitioned to our new platform,

November 1, 2020 will be our official transition date to

Until that time, your provider will contact you at the time of your appointment. Thank you!

Beginning November 1st,

please click the link below to access your providers virtual waiting room at the time of your appointment.

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Nirav Bigelow, PhD

Christopher Bojrab, MD

Andrew Brothers, PhD

Deb Bykowski, APRN

Deb Carpenter, APRN

Kathleen Chesterfield, MFT

Victoria Dalton, PsyD

Beili Dong, MD

Jenna Doyle, LMHC

Ashlee Edgerton, LMHC – Telephone Consults ONLY

Christy Falink, LCSW

Corey Falink, LMHC

Tyler Flaningham, MD

Jerry Fletcher, MD

Jessie Fogle, LCSW

Susan Glassburn, LCSW

Marabeth Holland,  LMHC

Beverly Inman-Dunigan, LMHC

Shiela Irick, MD

Jen Jansen, LCSW

Robert Jeffries, PhD

Richard Jones, PhD

Nancy Jungemann, APRN

Kim Keller, LMHC

Seth Kleiman, LMHC

Kourtney Klepfer, LCSW

Maryann Lake, LCSW

Bethany Littrell, LMHC

Danita Lively, MD

Waqar Mahmud, MD, LAC  – Telephone Consults ONLY

Christine Miller, DO

Scott Minnich, LSW

Sanjay Mishra, MD

Laurie Moyer, LMHC

Kevin Myers, LCSW

Terry Parrish, MD –  Telephone Consults ONLY

Jane Rapinchuk, MD

Michelle Rinzel, LCSW

Mary Roth, LCSW

Katy Sahm, LCSW

Carrie Schaefer, LCSW

Camille Sexton-Villalta, PhD

Jim Shoot, MD – Telephone Consults ONLY

Gregory Singleton, MD

Gregory Sipes, PhD – In-Office & Telephone Consults Only

Aubrey Sublette, LMHC

Steve Tyler, LCSW

Michael Webber, MD

Polly Westcott, PsyD

Steve Wilson, APRN