Pharmaceutical Reps

Pharmaceutical Reps

Welcome to IHG!

We are very rep-friendly & welcome you to visit us anytime. Upon your arrival, please check in at the front desk.

While you are in our office, we kindly request you follow a few guidelines to ensure our staff can work efficiently.

  • Please be respectful of our staff’s time.
    This includes our support staff, who are a crucial part of our team, and we need their undivided attention to care for our patients.
  • Please wait quietly during your visit. 
    Loud conversations can distract everyone, so we request you keep the noise level down.
  • Never knock on a closed door.
    Patient privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and we take every measure to respect it.

Provider Schedules

Restaurant Recommendations

Stocking Sample Cabinets

Our office currently has four sample cabinets that need to be stocked.

  • One on the main level in Dr. Bojrab’s suite.
  • There are two upstairs (one in each hallway).
  • One on the lower level.
  • Samples for Dr. Mishra, Dr. Miller, and Jill Oliver can be left in the front office.

The samples are arranged alphabetically. Please keep them in order and within easy reach.
Please refrain from relocating our competitors’ products to an unfavorable location.

Scheduling Breakfast / Lunch / Snack

We typically have 35 to 40 people attending from Monday to Thursday, while on Fridays, the attendance is a bit lighter, and you can expect around 20-25 people.

To access our Calendly page, you can scan the QR code posted on the refrigerator, interior doors of the diner, and Missi’s door.

Thank you for everything that you do to make us feel special! We appreciate you!