Restaurant Recommendations

Restaurant Recommendations

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Coffee Bar

A Cup Above – GREAT option for morning or afternoon!

Breakfast Menu Suggestions

Another Broken Egg

Bob Evans


Kolache Factory

Metro Diner

Mornings Breakfast & Brunch

Lunch Menu Suggestions

McAllisters: spud bar (with ham, turkey, and bacon option) and salad is always a hit
Honey Baked Ham Company has a phenomenal VIP Buffet (I would go for the broccoli and potato salad as the sides just to be different). 
Bob Evans Family Meals: Maybe the pot roast and either the avocado chicken or country fried steak 
Cracker Barrel: Maybe the meatloaf, roast beef, and/or chicken and dumplings



  • Bru Burger  Favorite Items: Group snack burgers & Gorgonberry Pecan Salad   Chicken Mariachi
  • Punch Burger



  • China Garden:  Favorite Items: Hunan Beef,  Beef & Broccoli, Cashew Chicken, Garlic Chicken, General Tso’s Chicken, Mixed Vegetables, Fried Rice
  • Kona Grill:
  • Thai and Go:   Dr. Bojrab loves some spice (a variety of mild, medium and hot would work)! Favorite Items: Garlic Pepper Chicken, Thai Ginger, Cashew Nut, Pad Thai

Asian (including sushi) is a fave for Dr. Bojrab! 


Another favorite for Dr. B!
Favorites from any Greek restaurant:
GYRO pitas, Greek Salad, Spanakopita, Extra Tzatziki – any other options for folks that don’t love Greek would be great too!




Variety is the spice of life! We like everything from cheese to loaded!

Wings & Things

We enjoy mild to spicy!

Wraps, Sandwiches, Soups, Salads

Other Ideas

Afternoon Snack Menu Suggestions