Automated Pharmacy Refill Requests

Indiana Health Group has not accepted automated pharmacy fax refill requests for over 10 years. If you need a refill, we ask that you contact the office via the portal on our website or by calling the office to request the refill yourself.

Every day, our office receives hundreds of automated fax refill requests. A significant percentage of these automated requests are for medications that have been changed or discontinued. This occurs when your physician or nurse practitioner changes your medication by writing or sending a new prescription, the pharmacy does not always recognize that the old medication has been discontinued or changed. Often times, they will continue to attempt to refill the prior medication which often would result in patients picking up their prescriptions and getting home to discover that they had been given (and charged for) medication that they were no longer taking and that they typically would not be able to return to the pharmacy for a refund.

To prevent this from happening, it has been our policy for over a decade to ignore pharmacy fax requests for refills and instead, we ask that the patient contact the office to request any needed refills.

It is recommended patients check with their pharmacy to verify there are no refills on file for them before contacting our office. When speaking with the pharmacy if they say there are no refills of a medication they should ask them to double check and verify a prescription is not on hold in their system or if it is in the system but just too soon to be filled.