Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy

Our Mission

Hoofprints to Hope exists to help children and families find hope and healing through hands-on experience with horses in a safe Christian environment. Hoofprints to Hope, Inc. exists to help children & families find hope and healing through hand-on experience with horses in a safe environment. Horses are amazing teachers, as well as outstanding listeners. They teach us how to communicate our thoughts and emotions, resolve conflict, face our fears, and trust others and ourselves. The connection that horses have to humans allows them to feel emotions that the client may be feeling. Horses can feel the pain, anxiety and fear that people experience    from trauma they have endured, and act in ways that display those emotions. They teach us how to have compassion and patience with others.  It has been said,   “Horses are a mirror into our soul.”


Our Approach

Hoofprints to Hope, Inc. serves children ages five and up, adolescents, and adults. Private, individual sessions are designed to be adaptable to meet the specific needs of
each child. An EAGALA certified Mental Health Professional (MH) and Equine Specialist (ES) facilitate each session and adhere to the standards and code of ethics set by EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association.) This model of equine assisted psychotherapy is experiential and solution-oriented, in which the therapy team as well as the horses comes alongside the clients to help them discover the best solutions for themselves.


Our Model

Hoofprints to Hope, Inc. follows the EAGALA model of therapy, in which all interactions with the horses are on the ground. Sessions consist of safety, horse care, grooming, and therapy related activities. With the team approach, the Equine Specialist focuses on the behavior of the horse(s) aiding the session, and the Mental Health Professional helps the client make connections between the horse’s behavior and themselves.    

The primary prerequisite for children and adolescents coming to Hoofprints to Hope is that they WANT to participate. It is from this willingness that broken hearts and lives can be led toward hope and healing.