Career Counseling

Career Counseling

Today’s World Offers a Broad Variety of POSSIBILITIES

The best decisions are informed decisions. By making conscious choices, we grow stronger and more capable, greatly increasing the odds of being satisfied and happy in our chosen profession.
We take a comprehensive look at  career exploration from all directions.  Including:  personality, interests, values, optimism, sensitivity, and parental input.

The assessments are designed to give a more in-depth insight into beliefs about yourself. Taking a look at how people respond to stress and what their overall outlook is to the world is an important piece of the puzzle.

Who is the Best Candidate for Career Exploration?


  • Understand how personality type relates to learning and the world of work.
  • Identify natural motivators & strengths
  • Determine best learning environments
  • Explore college majors
  • Examine the best college choices


  • Understand how personality type impacts career satisfaction
  • Explore type dynamics and work environments
  • Learn networking & marketing techniques
  • Improve interview skills


  • Not just looking for another job but looking for career direction
  • Career transition due to downsizing
  • Networking & marketing
  • Interview skills
  • Replace the “job search” with searching for a way to use the strengths you have

View information on our Career Counselor, Barbara Skinner.